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JuliaSure offers development support, production support and indemnification to companies using Julia. Our support service and tools provide major productivity benefits in the development of your Julia applications.

The JuliaSure Advantage

Software Support And Maintenance Services

Our experts help you maximize Julia’s potential and ensure your success.

Unique Expertise

JuliaHub was founded by the creators of the language and employs many contributors. There is no question related to Julia that our team cannot answer.

Time Travelling Debugger

Send a Record and Replay (RR) trace of your crashed program for debugging to us instead of debugging yourself.

Open Source Package Support

Our team is well-placed to fix issues throughout the package ecosystem.

Proactive Prevention

Our team monitors Julia environments 24/7, and can often resolve issues before they occur.

Roadmap Access

Attend private sessions to understand the product roadmap and provide input.

The JuliaHub support team is comprised of JuliaHub developers, engineers and data scientists located across North America, Europe and India. JuliaHub provides development support and maintenance services to customers in connection with software as follows:

Standard Support Production Support
Bug Fix Request 1 day response time SLA, email only Response within 4 hours1, email and phone options
Minor Feature Request 2 day response time SLA, email only 2 day response time SLA, email and phone options
Upgrades, Updates, Patches New package requests prioritized for review Priority notification of upgrades, updates, or patches that will affect your production packages
Indemnification Yes Yes
Prioritized Access to JuliaHub Experts No Up to 2 hours per month2,3
Time travelling debugging with RR trace reporting No Yes
  • 1 For requests made during business hours, 5AM-5PM, Monday-Friday, Eastern time US
  • 2 Requires a minimum number of licenses.
  • 3 Additional requests can be purchased as consulting services.

Calculate your RoI

Average Yearly Salary $ 30,000 per year

Number of Developers 1 $ 30,000 per year
% of time developers spend on maintenance 15% $ 4,500 per year
% of maintenance time spent on open source 25% $ 1,125 per year

Not sure which model fits you best? Have a complex setup that needs a custom solution? We are here to help.

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